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200W Portable Solar Panel

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  • 200W Portable Solar Panel

    l  High efficiency monocrystalline cell for excellent power performance

    l  Multiple output connection via DC, USB

    l  Constant current and stable voltage design, reliable and long life-span

    l  Portable design with hook & loop closure for convenient carrying and storage

    l  Waterproof, energy-saving and Environment-friendly, welcome customization

    • Specifications
    Product   specification 
    Bag   material  1680D 
    Bag color Camouflage color or   OEM color 
    Open size MM2285*620
    Folding size MM470*620
    Folding   thickness MM65
    Net weight KG9.50 KG
    Solar   panel 
    Solar Cell Monocrystalline
    Efficiency rate 21.5%
    Maximum   power(Pm)  W200
    Power   Tolerance ±5%
    Voltage at   max power(Vmp)     V 19.80V
    Current at   max power(Imp)    A 10.10A
    Open circuit   voltage(Voc)    V23.36V
    Short circuit   current(Isc)       A11.11A
    Operating   Temperature       -20 to 50
    Maximum   System Voltage V1000V
    Maximum   Series Fuse RatingA15A
    Standard Test   Condtion                                 Irrandiance   1000W/
        Module temperature 25
    Warranty Power is not less   than 90% in 5 years
    Resistances 227g   stell ball fall down from
        1m height and 60m/s wind  
    NOCT46 ± 2            
    Current   temperature coefficient   0.05%/°C
    Voltage   temperature coefficient  - 0.35%/°C
    Power   temperature coefficient  - 0.45%/°C

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